Busy Week

It’s been a busy week so far.

1. Work has almost tripled, literally but, the load is okay. It’s just that I’m working on three projects at the moment – controversy research, environmental performance database update, and climate change research. I’m mostly pacing myself so I don’t burn out. Research for climate change is a breeze for me now but the environmental performance databases are giving me hard time – not surprising since I hardly know anything about MS Access. The manuals are helpful but they can also be huge obstacles because sometimes (or most times) I have to figure out what it’s trying to order me to do. Sheesh! Controversy research might also be problem – we’re doing oil, gas, mining and other extractive companies this round and it’s almost a relief to get just less than 100 hits from Nexis. Waaah!

2. Classes formally started last week but it’s not till this week that our professors are now in full blast. We’ve already had reading assignments and sadly, I’m lagging behind. Time to catch up!

3. Been thinking about what my costume will be for our upcoming annual company Christmas party – I’m having a hard time looking for the right set of clothes… *sigh*… Where do I go for cheap but cool costumes?

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