About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my site. This is my personal blog and I appreciate the time you’ve spent here.

I post about just about anything that interests me; whether that be an upcoming movie or an old one, recent popular songs or the classics, video games or on portable devices, my life in general or the life of someone else (not that much), cool new gadgets and not so cool ones, and other stuff.

I “invented” the name Dynamic Flux. I wanted something that reflected the varied topics that I blog about, as well as the constant changes that are happening in my life and in the world around. But I also wanted to express that I believe all these changes flow from one to the other.

Dynamic, in adjective form, means something that is continuously changing. In noun form, it is an “interactive system or process, especially one involving competing or conflicting forces.” Flux, on the other hand, means “a flow or flowing” or “the flowing in of the tide” in noun form. In verb form, it means “to melt or fuse” or “to flow or become fluid.”

Definitions from the The Free Dictionary. Images from HD free wallpaper.

One comment on “About Me

  1. hey Vampyr elite,

    great to see a fellow movie lover…especially one who blogs about it! chanced upon your website when searching for lyrics…


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