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Thanks again for visiting my blog. Please sign your name here. If you want me to link your own blog/web site, please include the URL when you sign your name.

In the interest of the international community, I’d like to request that when you place comments on any part of my blog, please use English so that everyone will understand. It doesn’t matter that you’re English is not as good as from Americans, Brits or people from Down Under, what’s important is that everyone gets the gist of your message.

 Disclaimer: Comments not written in English, will be deleted. SPAM will most definitely be deleted.

52 comments on “Sign My Guestbook

  1. hey bro! your WP theme looks familiar?! hahaha.. . :p

    tip: did you know that you can add categories to your Blogroll so you can sort out links that are blogs and those that are not?


  2. 1st time i look at your blog, well i have to say you’ve made a good job! have lots of time and effort to create such a masterpiece hope that i could make my own like this. Joe, you rock!!!

  3. Thanks to all those who visited my site and signed here. As soon as work lightens, I’ll sort through all comments and try to do something about the links you’ve left. Permit me to say that URLs will be selected based on relevance, fun factor, info factor and personal preference.

    @Naisioxerloro – the design is provided by WordPress. The content is mine. =)

    Once again, thanks for visiting, and hope to see again in the future.

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  7. Just in case anyone was looking forward to seeing him in it I wanted to let you know that Tom Hollander is not actually in Lock-Out. He was supposed to be early on but scheduling prevented it.

    • Pity. I kinda liked him as Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean. What was supposed to be his role? I didn’t notice him in the trailer. Might watch it again.

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