Diablo III’s TV Spots (May Contain Spoilers)

Containing scenes from previously revealed cinematic videos, featuring Leah and Azmodan, as well as new footage of Imperius, the Archangel of Valor – awesome rendering of him, I must say! I can’t wait to meet him! – and Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, and of course, Diablo, the Lord of Terror!

April 29 – Evil is Back

May 2 – End of Days

May 4 – It’s Not Safe

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm’s New Units

I wanted to post about the first silhouette teaser Blizzard put up in its Facebook page the minute I got wind of it three weeks ago. But I wanted to wait for the other two races’ teaser silhouettes as well. So, if you haven’t heard yet, here they are!

Oh and nice little piece here I found over at GameFront:

Prince Valerian, Selendis, Infested Kerrigan