CarbotAnimations’ StarCrafts series (cont.)

Animated satire of the popular game franchise StarCraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment.

Note: You’ll have a hard time understanding the humor if you don’t play StarCraft 2 or at least watch videos of replays.

Episode 16: Shadow of a Colossus


Episode 17:NASL 4 Grand Finals


Episode 18: Marine Training


Episode 19: Christmas Special


Episode 20:Epic Mule Time

Need a laugh?

Head on over to Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams’s YouTube channel and get entertained with parodies and other shenanigans.

Here’s he’s latest short film.

Death by Cooking

He also maintains another site for his pet cats, Sparta and Loki – two of the cutest and craziest cats I’ve ever seen.

Tail Boxing

Not a fan of parodies and pet videos? Maybe these will do…

Who doesn’t like Darth Vader appearing in commercials? One just below this is a funny energy drink commercial.

Sorry, couldn’t resist this last one. But c’mon! It was cute and funny!