Thor 2 Filming through to December

Started last September (Iron Man 3 started filming last May and ended filming also around September). These still are form Collider.

Captain America: The First Avenger

A tad better than Thor, though I did enjoy that one, too. Don’t get me wrong here. I just didn’t expect Thor (or Asgard) would be packing more technology than magic but as the Red Skull said, science is like magic to the primitive man (or something to that effect).

I just got some question though. What’s a Vita-ray? How did Steve Rogers suddenly develop shield-throwing skills and become an expert in trigonometry (I mean, you need to know that in order to be able to effectively throw that shield with optimum results)? At least, I think it’s trigonometry. Maybe it comes in a package with that super-soldier serum? Also, how in blazes did Hydra develop all those technology? It was a bit advanced for the era, don’t you think? Was Red Skill (or his scientist sidekick) really that smart? Where’d they get all that funding? No wonder Hitler lost the war! LOL! (Just kidding, of course)

Still, even with all those questions, I enjoyed it. One of the reasons being that I didn’t read the Captain America comics though I did know a little bit about his background.

I’m also digging Red Skull’s uniform! And I also like the fact that they cast Hugo Weaving for the part. I keep forgetting he can act like a good villain (read: The Matrix)!

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Images courtesy of: Red Skull –, Captain America – Singapore Trends (good review of the movie, too!) and the Blog Walking.