Movie Tidbits

Guess what Disney is up to?

Recognize that? I’ll give you a clue.

Ah you get it now? But here’s the twist – the movie adaptation will be told from the perspective of the villain!

Speaking of fairy tales, Chris Hemsworth is sure lining up his movies this year, there’s Red Dawn and The Avengers. And now we have Snow White and the Huntsman. I hope it’s not as cheesy as Mirror Mirror. =) But from the tidbits I’ve read so far, it looks to be an action/adventure version of Snow White with lots more fighting and killing (I hope).

And according to the same source, Oscar-winning actor Sir Ben Kingsley is in negotiations to be in Iron Man 3 as the villain – but not as the Mandarin. Instead, the story will adapt the Extremis mini-series, “a new origin story for Iron Man and focused heavily on nanotechnology”.

And three more trailer for The Avengers: