A Fine Specimen Of Talent

As I wrote before, having ads unblocked on YouTube isn’t so bad. It lets me discover songs, music, bands, and artists. This is another example.

Hearts Collide
By Ries Brothers


Diablo III’s Expansion Soon To Be Revealed?

It looks that way. Apparently, this Web page of Blizzard’s has everyone excited and abuzz with speculation and rumors. Word has that Blizz made a statement that they would make a special announcement soon (read: Gamescom 2013 next week): “We’re making a special announcement that’s sure to capture the attention of the Heavens, Burning Hells and all the shadowed places that lie between.” There you go.


Blizz, fix the itemization first will you? Come on. Or are you getting too greedy that you’ll fix it in the expansion so people will have to pay? I mean, you’re Legendary items are bleh, boring, and there’s really nothing legendary about them. Just same stats over and over again, which you can find in Rare items (sometimes even better).

Are you a NESTEA traveller?

Sometimes, there’s an advantage to having YouTube ads turned on. You get to discover interesting commercials.

Like this Nestea ad… I was listening to one of my YouTube playlists while working when this came on before one of the songs. Of course, being a Imagine Dragons, it caught my attention and I immediately switched tabs.

Prepare to Defend Your Lawns Once Again on July 18th

PvZ 2 Is Coming…

And it’s free for iOS devices! W00t!

According to the game’s official Web site, there will be new types of plants, zombies, levels, and ways to play.