Saigon in Snapshots

A flash, a beep… the motor bike carries on behind you
A bang, an explosion… cries of children’s scream
Echoes of a bloody past, a nation torn
A smile, a nod… the attendants bring your food
A call, a flourish… vendors entice you with their wares
A river, a city… Saigon…


Squall – A sudden onset of strong winds with speeds increasing to at least 18 miles per hour and sustained at 25 miles or more per hour or at least one minute. The Weather Channel

Squall Line

Sudden! It’s all so sudden!

I weather the storm
The tempest of the raging seas
As sudden as lightning
Unpredictable with Poseidon’s wrath

I ride the howling winds
Plastered by a rain of emotions
Cocooned within the armor of discipline

Not a typical summer rain
Nor the deluge of the wet season
Not the intermittent sprinkle during cold weather
Nor the onset of a monsoon

I breeze through the squall
The hurricane of righteous anger
As swift as a windstorm
Violent with Zeus’ vengeance

I stand still within the cyclone
Beaten by a blizzard of thoughts
Protected by the shield of honor

Then it stops…

Regaining My Touch

I stare at the screen, fingers on the keyboard,
contemplating life and all it has to offer.
I sit and I think, I ruminate and I ponder…
“What else can I do? Where is life taking me, I wonder.”

A third to my destination, I’m excited for the future;
Though wary, I am, of the mysteries that would occur.
If you were in my shoes, would you sprint ahead?
Or would you walk leisurely or allow yourself to be led?

My eyes become bleary as I continue to stare,
My hands over keys, not knowing what to write,
Or even if I dare.

I look at the screen, absorbing what is there,
unknowingly surprised that I wrote something.
I go over my lines and a smile appears –
I’ve not lost touch.

Ruminating at Sunset

The Lexus and the Olive Tree

Book lovers, I’ve got a question for you. Is it a worthwhile read? I’m just looking to be “entertained.” Maybe get myself to think on some points that is raised in this book – like I got to when I read The World Is Flat. =)


I Need Creativity Juice

Where can I get it?

I’m trying to write this poem because I’ve got this great line in mind but I can’t seem to get enough inspiration and creativity going on. I’m trying to make the piece with a happy/carefree attitude but two stanzas into the work and It’s sounding like my other ones – sad, bitter, frustrated, etc…


Guess I’ll have to find some way to make this work…

I =/= Robot

I am not a robot.

I have limits.

I produce low quality work.

I reap low returns.

I get low productivity.

I move slowly.

I can’t learn as fast as machines.

I don’t adapt as quickly as toxins.

I have feelings.

I get tired.

I grow frustrated.

I can be confused.

I become angry.

I feel unhappy.

I need to sleep, eat, and drink.

I believe, I feel, and I think.

I am NOT a robot.

I am a Human Being.

A Rising Obscurity

Can you end the week with flair?Moon_and_the_Sun_Together_in_the_Sk
Break out like a debonair?
Or perhaps, the mists you’ll wear,
And vanish into the air?

Can you rise up to the sun?
And embrace all that is fun?
Or just disappear / be gone,
Once all the work has been done?

Can you finish all in style?
Just break dancing all the while?
Or shuffle along the aisle,
Slip off to a dreary isle?

Can you overcome darkness?
Rise above the gloominess?
Or stay dismal and cheerless,
Live the life of the lifeless?

090723-ARUBA001-002-webCan you finish with a grin?
Even without drinking gin?
Get amusement with no sin,
Just making the loudest din?

Can you rise to the stars?
Past that rusty aged Mars?
And forget about the hours,
Of sadness and murky mires

Can you end the week with flair?
Stride like a suave debonair?
Float above all that you care,
And soar high into the air?

A Dark Enigma

EnigmaHow do you start the week right,
When you have had a rough night?
Every thing is lost in sight
Cannot find the will to fight.

You’d think that it would slip away,
That it would be all okay;
A temporary mad stay
At insanity’s dark quay.

How do you start the week right,
When things are not looking bright,
When you’re looking for respite
From all the nightmares and fright?

You need some luminescence;
Maybe some divine presence
An aid and guide, in essence
Out of this dark quintessence

How do you start the week right,supernova
When you’re in an inky blight?
You’re struggling to find the light
And can’t find the will to fight.

Everything is just murky
And the days get more gloomy.
You just feel melancholy
Because you are unhappy.

How do you start the week right,
When things are not looking bright?
You’re struggling to find the light.
You have lost the will to fight.

To all my friends out there

(C) Copyrighted… Please credit me if you use this.

How does it go again?
“You’re only just a dreamboat…”
And with the tip of my pen…
Do I post blogs that emote?

I don’t know how this goes
Can someone help me through?
Treating this like one of my foes…
Overcome this before I choke blue

Help me help you
Can’t help but love you
Thoughts of you
My heart all for you

How do you make it stop?
“Say it’s true…?”
All the way to the top
Loving you is all I wanna do

Déjà vu once more
I see you like a shining star
Yes, all the way to my core
Seeing you even from afar

Help me help you
Can’t help but love you
Thoughts of you
My heart all for you

How can I survive this?
“You are in my head…”
Tonight, my heart is in bliss
As I go to my bed

Who’s writing this story?
Can’t I have a greater role?
A small thing to ask, surely?
What happens as the seasons roll?

Help me help you
Can’t help but love you
Thoughts of you
My heart all for you