Squall – A sudden onset of strong winds with speeds increasing to at least 18 miles per hour and sustained at 25 miles or more per hour or at least one minute. The Weather Channel

Squall Line

Sudden! It’s all so sudden!

I weather the storm
The tempest of the raging seas
As sudden as lightning
Unpredictable with Poseidon’s wrath

I ride the howling winds
Plastered by a rain of emotions
Cocooned within the armor of discipline

Not a typical summer rain
Nor the deluge of the wet season
Not the intermittent sprinkle during cold weather
Nor the onset of a monsoon

I breeze through the squall
The hurricane of righteous anger
As swift as a windstorm
Violent with Zeus’ vengeance

I stand still within the cyclone
Beaten by a blizzard of thoughts
Protected by the shield of honor

Then it stops…


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