Lessons in Digital Photography: Fireworks

Tried to capture some nice fireworks while welcoming the New Year. I learned it’s not that easy. One, you need really steady hands. Two, you need to actually know how your point-and-shoot camera works when in the “Fireworks” mode. Three, you need to know the right timing when to take the shot. And four, you need a clear, unobstructed view without trees, wires, and streetlights in the way to make it look good.

I have fairly steady hands (fairly, hehehe). And after taking a few experimental shots, I sort of understood how that setting worked. Also, after some trial and errors, I figured out when to take the shots (fairly; timing still needs more practice). The one big problem last night was choosing the right angle – rooftops, trees, wires, lamp posts were everywhere obstructing the view from the nice fireworks. Grrr…

Below are my feeble attempts to get some good shots.

This is not so bad. I actually like it:


All I got was a bunch of dots. Sparkly, colorful dots, yes. But still dots:


This is what happens when you’re late taking the shot. The streak at the bottom looks like a feather:


This one would have been nice if not for the weird “rune”-like lights at the side and bottom. What are those things?


Note to self – try to go somewhere where the view is not blocked by a lot of things:


They look like iridescent/phosphorescent sea anemones.



Got lucky with this one. It turned out nice. Very nice.


I’m going to a clear field next time. And I’ll make sure I have tripod with me.


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