D3 Adventures

Still playing, still enjoying so far. I guess that’s because I don’t play everyday. Whenever I do though, I make sure I have a goal in mind – not just the mindless grinding, which is totally tiring. Even when I’m just running acts, I always have at least an objective – whether it’s to reach a certain level or because I’m looking to get  an achievement – so I don’t get bored fast.


The elusive Halmin the Alchemist – been looking for this guy for months! Finally got him yesterday. Got tips from Battle.Net but mostly from this site – http://www.hardmodegaming.com/market-research-achievement-guide/. Pay attention to the minimap as the game guide said. When I saw this particular formation shaping in my minimap, I got so excited that just cast Hydra and ignore the rest of the monsters. I quickly went to the room Halmin is supposedly in, killed the demons there and – voila! – he came out from under the bed! Woot!

After finally finding Halmin, I tried runs in Act I to see if I’d have a chance in completing the Haunted achievement but no luck so far. I still have four ghosts to find but I’ve read that they’re extremely rare. I guess I got lucky with the first three I met. But I eventually got tired and frustrated and decided to go to something more colorful to cheer me up! Behold! The Land of the Killer Ponies!

Also, got this from a friend. The bonus damage is lower than what I have right now so if I use it it’s a nerf to my DPS so I’m not going to use it unless the bonus elemental damage somehow compensates. I’ve yet to figure out how that works though. And yes, it looks exactly the same in game as it’s art in the inventory – quite cool!


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