Witch Doctor Revealed

The fourth hero character has arrived! The Witch Doctor has joined the Gathering of Heroes at New Tristram.

The witch doctors. Sage conjurers, enchanters, and mystical warriors who are driven by a charge to maintain spiritual balance and harmony in the violent world of Sanctuary. They command ancient magics rooted in the primal powers of life and death, and are adept at summoning fearsome, shadowy creatures. A witch doctor is armed with simple talismans, fetishes, rough carvings… and endless ravening throngs of vengeful spirits set to bring destruction at their master’s command.

Look at that badass voodoo mask and that kickass mojo! Head on over to the Diablo III Reveal page to read up on the latest update about the Witch Doctor. Aside from the Gathering of Heroes, the Diablo III Reveal page also contains exciting developer diaries filmed during the course of the game’s development, and other lore information.

And along with this hero character reveal, of course, is a short story titled, Doubtwalker by Matt Burns.

The war began at sunrise, as it always did.

Benu and ten other witch doctors from the Clan of the Seven Stones stalked into the heart of the Teganze as swift and silent as panthers. Only the faint rattle of bone and iron charms dangling from their tribal masks warned of their presence. Striped in white, yellow, and red paint and decorated in bright bokai feathers, their bodies blended with the vibrant jungle around them.

Soon the emerald canopy grew thick, leaving the undergrowth in perpetual gloom. Benu pricked up his ears at every sound, listening for any hint of movement… any hint of his human prey.

The Igani Bawe, the Harvest of Souls, had come.

It was Benu’s first ritual war, and his heart thundered like a drum in anticipation. Elsewhere in the wilds, perhaps close by, rival witch doctors from the Five Hills and Clouded Valley tribes were hunting as well, called to action by their high priests just as Benu and his kin had been.

The Seven Stones war party stopped to rest within the borders of the Five Hills. Two witch doctors slipped through the trees ahead to scout for signs of their enemies.

Lore, video, and images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.


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