Snipping Tool

Did you ever need to get a very quick screenshot of that “Eureka!” text during your research or those error messages that keep popping up on your screen? I’m sure you did. Here’s a little tidbit that a colleague of mine shared with me.

Apparently, Windows 7 has this humble little software already installed and can be found in the accessories. Or if you search for it using the Windows Start Menu search bar. What this tool does is allow you to quickly create a snapshot (or part of it) of your active screen.

There are four ways to “snip” your screenshot (shown above). It’s usually defaulted to the second one. But I imagine that the free-form snip could be handy when trying to snap only a particular screen. There are also some general options.

This is a very useful little tool for when you need to quickly capture a screenshot of an error messages (to send to technical support), specific texts or paragraphs from a PDF document, or important messages, such as booking confirmation, ticket purchases, online shopping, etc.

Once you have your snapshot, you can save it, copy the image, e-mail it (directly or as an attachment), write/draw something on it with different pen colors, highlight parts of the image, or erase your edits.

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