New Addiction: CastleCraft

Been neglecting around here for awhile because I found a new game for the iPad. It’s called CastleCraft. Got addicted to it almost overnight, and I’ve been playing for a little bit over a week now! LOL!

CastleCraft is a strategic city building multiplayer game developed by Freeverse, Inc for iPhone and iPad. It features different world maps to start from and pre-defined city maps to place your buildings. Possibility to chat with other players.

So basically you own a city and try to build up that city and your forces, conquer resource nodes to boost your kingdom’s economy, chat with other players, and attack other cities. Players manage resource production, military training and strategy, technology research.

Players can register to Plus+ in order to be able to get distinguished from anonymous players who are usually given a game number, “Gamer12345678”. And also, those that register are able to send and receive messages to other players .

Some of the buildings:



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