Music To Focus

Music plays a big part of anyone’s life. I can surely attest to that. I use music to help me achieve a variety of things. Whether it’s to help me sleep, fight off drowsiness, enjoy a movie, or relax, music does its job for me effectively and efficiently. I’m not a great singer, but I surely am a great listener! =)

One of the reasons I listen to music while I’m at work is to block out distractions and focus my mind. Most of the time I just use the songs in my playlists. But sometimes, I turn to YouTube and use it as a makeshift radio/playlist. I usually do this because I’ve discovered a new song or a new band, and I haven’t downloaded the song/s yet. Yesterday, I was looking at some videos during my break (okay so maybe it wasn’t really my break and I was stealing some work time to watch videos… hehehe) and one of them used a pretty catchy wordless song. I quickly scrolled down to the comments to find out about it and, thankfully, a few people seemed to know the title and artist. After I listed to the full version of the song, I decided to use it along with a bunch of others from the same artist as my music flavor of the day. The songs rather helped me pass the time doing year-end performance evaluations, which are always a pain to do.

This is the first song I listened to:


by E.S. Posthumus

The artist was an independent music group composed of brothers Helmut and Franz Vonlichten. They were active from 2000 until 2010. Unfortunately, Franz passed away in June 2010 and the group became inactive. Helmut said there were still one or two unreleased songs. All of their songs are either electronic or orchestral, or a combination of both. And because of that, their music has been used in many movie trailers and television shows. Their first album was called Unearthed.

“Many tracks from Unearthed have been featured in various movie trailers and television shows. They have been used in the trailers for movies due to their escalating structure, which makes them well-suited for the dramatic montages building towards the credits in the aforementioned trailers.”  (

Kudos to the brothers for creating these soundtracks. I now have a bunch of their songs listed should I ever have the need to focus on my work (and not get distracted by videos anymore!).


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