Last Month of 2011

It’s here! I can hardly believe tomorrow is already December. Only 25 days to go before Christmas and 31 days before 2012 arrives. Wow! I haven’t even done my Christmas shopping yet and the malls are sure to be even more jam-packed with people by now. Hmm… Maybe I should slowly start looking for gifts, huh?

Have you done your shopping for Christmas? Are you ready for 2012?

I still have to find a costume for our office Christmas party and I haven’t decided if I should be continuing a tradition that I started in 2006. This year would make it five years but there are constraints – budget constraints, for one – and I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore… I wonder if I can tweak it a little bit. Hehe.

Oh well. I’ll soon find out.

And here’s a little something different. It’s a familiar Christmas song but the band added its own touches. The video is funny.


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