Solar Backpacking

If I ever get the chance to backpack across the world, I’ll be sure to buy one of these before setting out.

It’s a bag with a small set of solar panel array at the back so you can charge your laptop, cellphone, tablet, and even camera. Imagine never having to worry about your gadget’s battery while you’re on the road. Having a clickfest with your camera is draining the battery too fast? No worries. Just find a spot with lots of sunlight and plugin your camera for a quick refill of battery juice while you relax and have some lunch. It’s going to be one of a backpacker and hiker’s best friends. And it also helps conserve electricity!

Where to buy one of these? Well, I’m just going to namedrop one company that offers because I’m no expert about these bags. It’s the first link that I got when I looked for “solar charger backpack” so they could be one of the better ones to offer the product. Click here.


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