World Internet Usage

Found this site called Internet World Stats where it shows world Internet usage and penetration. I thought I’d share some of the site’s findings. Don’t know how reliable it is (might be though) but it’s the first choice when you try to Google “Internet penetration country 2011”.

Estimates placed our world population at 6.93 billion and current Internet users at 2.10 billion. Worldwide Internet penetration (% population) is 30.2 percent, which is a 480-percent growth from 2000 (Internet users then was at 361 million). In terms of geographical region, the highest number of Internet users as a portion of total population is North America at 78.3 percent, while the lowest number is Africa. Asia (except Middle East) comes second to Africa with just 23.8 percent of population Internet penetration. The region with the second highest penetration is Australia and Oceania at 60.1 percent followed by Europe at 58.3 percent.

Asia has the highest number in terms of raw users at approximately 922.3 million people (about 339 percent more than the amount of users in North America), while Australia and Oceania is at the bottom of this list with just 21.3 million users. Second place goes to Europe at 476.2 million users, and third place goes to North America at 272.1 million users.

Africa has the highest growth with Internet usage growing at 2,527.4 percent of 2000 numbers (form 4.5 million to 118.6 million). Lowest growth is North America at 151.7 percent, followed by Australia and Oceania at 179.4 percent. Second highest growth rate is the Middle East at 1,987 percent and then Latin America / Caribbean at 1,037.4 percent.

I thought I’d share one of site’s notes just so you’d know how it was calculating the numbers:

NOTES: (1) Internet Usage and World Population Statistics are for March 31, 2011. (2) CLICK on each world region name for detailed regional usage information. (3) Demographic (Population) numbers are based on data from the US Census Bureau . (4) Internet usage information comes from data published by Nielsen Online, by the International Telecommunications Union, by GfK, local Regulators and other reliable sources. (5) For definitions, disclaimer, and navigation help, please refer to the Site Surfing Guide.

What follows below is the top countries with the highest raw number of Internet users from five of the seven geographical region. There were no summary graphs  for North America and Latin America / Caribbean. Understandable for NA since there were only five countries / territories included (though seeing that Australia and Oceania also only have five countries / territories, I don’t see why NA didn’t have a graph).


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