Discover the Blogosphere, Part 4

Now that you know about the blogosphere (Discover the Blogosphere, Part 1 and Discover the Blogosphere, Part 2) and some of the people that are members of this great community (Discover the Blogosphere, Part 3), you can become part of it, too. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t even have to post everyday. Just settle on a fixed schedule and start working on your blog content.

Personal tips:

  1. Choose a topic for your blog, or find your niche. Do you want to blog about your local community events? About films and movies? About your hobby? Find out what generates the most sparks for your inner writer and settle on it. For me, I like blogging about music, movies, and PC/video games, with the occasional odds and ends.
  2. Find a good site that will become your new virtual home. Needless to say I recommend WordPress because it’s a great place and the community is filled with a myriad writers that post the most interesting topics.
  3. Take care of your blog. Don’t let it fall into disuse and neglect (like I did a couple of years ago). Even if you’re blogging for yourself, it reflects how much you respect yourself and how disciplined you are (something I’m recently relearning).
  4. Pick an interesting theme that fits your topic, personality, and writing style.
  5. Enjoy! Whether you blog because it’s your source of living or because you just like to write, never forget to enjoy what you’re doing. It shouldn’t come out as a hassle.

You can also head on over here for a little bit more professional tips on blogging. And remember to visit the Codex for some help now and then.

Write? What?!?

But why blog in the first place, you ask me? You say you’re not a writer, a photographer, or a video game enthusiast. You don’t have what it takes to be a blogger. You don’t to be any of those things. Not all blogs have to be walls of texts. If you’re passionate about something – be it your work or your cat/dog – writing about it (or posting photos with your comments) will come naturally. Like I said, it doesn’t have to be complicated and professional looking. There are lots of people who blog about their daily house life and, if you believe it, garner lots of followers.

People blog about their travels and adventures. If you only travel frequently but would like to write about it, then write about your plans on traveling. On the occasion that you do travel, then write lots and lots of things about it.

Do you know Mishka the Talking Husky? Her owners have created a sort of video blog (a vlog!) on YouTube recording the life of this cute husky. Some videos are just one or two minutes long (probably there just to attract subscribers), but you know what? Mishka’s channel has hundreds of thousands of followers and her videos generate a lot of views.

You can even blog about your toe nails if you want. =D Hmm… Wonder if there’s a toe nail blog somewhere? (I tried looking but all I could see were toenail art blogs. LOL!)

The Blogger’s Code of Conduct

The Blogger’s Code of Conduct is a proposal by Tim O’Reilly for bloggers to enforce civility on their blogs by being civil themselves and moderating comments on their blog. The code was proposed due to threats made to blogger Kathy Sierra. — from Wikipedia

Think of it as like the Pirates’ Code in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. It’s a guideline for bloggers in order to practice acceptable behavior.

  1. Take responsibility not just for your own words, but for the comments you allow on your blog.
  2. Label your tolerance level for abusive comments.
  3. Consider eliminating anonymous comments.
  4. Ignore the trolls.
  5. Take the conversation offline, and talk directly, or find an intermediary who can do so.
  6. If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so.
  7. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.

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