TS Ramon!!

Ah nuts! Another storm headed our way (or already here for Southern Philippines; heard from my Dad today that it was raining hard in CDO already).

Time to brace, people!

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2 comments on “TS Ramon!!

  1. I see you lived through it! I’m in contention with the Bangkok flood right now. The government has been warning us for two weeks that it MAY be approaching but downtown is still drier than a cracker in the sun. I suspect I’ll survive, too.

  2. Ramon wasn’t even that bad; it just looked bad in the forecast. I’ve lived through much worse storms and heavy rains with flooding. Happens all the time during the rainy season. It was a bit surprising to me to hear the news about the flooding there. Didn’t even realize the rains caused the river to swell that much. Good to hear about downtown Bangkok being dry. You’ll live through it fine.

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