Kill the Worm!

Who wants to help me kill this f*cking worm that preventing me from getting up on time every day? Any volunteers?


Okay. How about you tell me how to kill this worm on my own then? Hehe.

Yes, that is a fairly accurate representation of the state of the worm right now. It’s pretty ugly and monstrous isn’t it? Yep, it’s gotten to that point. Even I want to kill the worm now because it’s being a complete pest and nuisance. And no longer being its cutesy self. I think the problem is that the bird got too lazy and too uninspired (or is it unmotivated?). Maybe it needs direction or some assurance (a lot maybe?)

Anyways, I only remembered this series because I was looking at old posts and I found the other ones. Looking back, I’m proud that the bird could go toe to toe with the worm then, and it still could come out the victor (more than half the time). The only reason the worm won those matches was because of outside forces (yep, this worm is devious and as slimy as its bigger reptilian look alike because it makes deals with the devil). I mean, just look at that thing now! Its got sharp teeth and it’s about to devour that poor, cute bird forever!

On a side note…

Yikes! Is that true? LOL! Ugly snake! Ugh!

Anyway, let me know of your own experiences with these two archenemies. I’d love to hear how you trained the bird to be the ultimate victor in this fight.

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