Totally Random

That earthquake in Virginia was a total surprise. I’ve never even heard they have earthquakes there. Isn’t that suppose to be a California thing?

It only took a few minutes on Tuesday afternoon for a 5.8-magnitude earthquake to send a jolt along North America’s East Coast, rattling both buildings and nerves.

Though the quake was based in Virginia, Canadians from London, Ont. to as far east as New Brunswick reported that they felt the tremor. There were no immediate reports of deaths or serious injuries as a result of the rumbling.

By West Coast standards, Tuesday’s 5.8-magnitude jolt is considered mild. The extent of its power in eastern Canada seemed to range between shaking chandeliers and tossing objects off shallow shelves. More here.

On to totally unrelated news…


Geeks Beat Jocks as Bar Fight Breaks Out Over Control of the TV
Fans Muscle Into Sports Bars to Watch Pro Videogamers Do Battle on the Tube

SAN FRANCISCO—One Sunday afternoon last month, a hundred boisterous patrons crowded into Mad Dog in the Fog, a British sports bar here, to watch a live broadcast.

Internet e-sports like Starcraft2 have big-name pro players, announcers who broadcast matches, and millions of fans who’d rather watch the action online or in bars than play themselves. WSJ’s Amir Efrati reports.

Half the flat-screen TVs were tuned to a blood-filled match between two Korean competitors, “MC” and “Puma.” The crowd erupted in chants of “M-C! M-C!” when the favorite started a comeback.

The pub is known for showing European soccer and other sports, but Puma and MC aren’t athletes. They are 20-year-old professional videogame players who were leading computerized armies of humans and aliens in a science-fiction war game called “Starcraft II” from a Los Angeles convention center. The Koreans were fighting over a tournament prize of $50,000.

Wonder how long before someone opens up a bar with TV channels totally devoted to e-sports. =)

On a related noted, the Diablo 3 community site is officially up! Head on over to


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