Thesaurus the Dinosaur

Yes, yes, I know. It’s quite old.

It all started when I was looking for the proper plural form of the word, “aircraft” (actually, I was making sure that I have been using the correct plural form of the word). I did. I also found out that its one of those countable nouns, like fish and equipment (actually, not sure about that last one). Then, while I was scanning the Wiktionary page, my eyes caught the word “Wikisaurus” and I immediately thought of two things: thesaurus and how the Wikisaurus is different from it (in dino terms, of course).

The rest is history.

I immediately opened a new tab and Googled, “thesaurus the dinosaur” and got a lot of laughs from my findings. In particular, the first linked I clicked on, this Yahoo!Answers page, made my day, “What kind of dinosaur was a ‘Thesaurus?‘” It went on. I wasn’t satisfied to find that page, I had to look for more hilarious articles and I got what I found (the level of hilarity varied).

I also found this (courtesy of the Inner Geek):

Ain’t it cute? A total baller, nerdy dino (complete with braces, glasses, and bow tie)! I found other spoofs but none better than that one.

Of course, my eyes also found this – “Thesaurus, It is a Dinosaur After All.” It’s not for laughs (though depending on your humor you might get some – I know I did)  but totally worth reading.

Reading all these funny articles inspired me to work harder the normal. Haha!


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