Reboot of an Old Game

Do you remember this?

Well, I hear that there’s gonna be a remake of this game. I was in elementary school when I first saw this being showcased at one of our school fairs. I was instantly mesmerized. To me it seemed far more advanced than the other computer games I’ve seen in my young life then. Even though I don’t really know how to play the game (I mean, I know how the pieces moved and the goal of the game), I wanted to try it out. But there were too many people lining up to try their hands on the game. So I was content in watching the game being played. Each piece/character had its own unique moves and soundtrack. I especially remember the Rook transforming from that pylon/obelisk into a humanoid form while a slow, dark tune was playing. Hehe… There were also comic moments; a defending pawn would make faces while an attacking pawn becomes infuriated with this and finally get to kill the insulting bast*rd. Haha.

And now this:

Ugh… big, fat-bellied Rook! LOL!

And the game will have an iPad version, too. Yeah!

Pictures courtesy of Joystiq.


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