Dungeon Siege 3 – More Trailers

This time about characters and classes and more. All videos courtesy of IGN Entertainment (and YouTube, of course).

Lucas, tank and spank! Uses sword and shield on normal occasions but gets out his trusty broadsword for the more challenging foes!

Lord Reinhart, mage extraordinare. Master of the destructive forces of magic and the subtle forces of space and time, he’s not someone to trifle with.

Katarina,range specialist. At long range, she uses a rifle while at short range she uses double pistols or even sometimes summons her trusty pet.

Anjali, fire from within. Melee, staff fighting character with a hidden secret. She’s actually a fire spirit in disguise with much spunk!

Co-op gameplay

Semi-boss gameplay

Boss gameplay

Last trailer, it’s about the 10th Legion and the background story for the game.


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