Watched “I Am Number Four”

And here’s my verdict: Pass

Yep. It passed my (uber-low ;-p) standards. Hehe.

Well, one of the reasons is that I haven’t read the novel yet. Usually, when I’ve read the novel first before watching the screen adaptation, it somewhat “ruins” the movie for me. It’s that or I further lower my expectations of the movie so I’d enjoy it. But since I was luckily ignorant that the movie was based on a novel, then I enjoyed the movie (as a form of entertainment).

Okay, I admit. It doesn’t take much for a sci-fi movie to impress me much. I’m usually easily awed by all the CGI and special effects, which is enough for me. However, I Am Number Four could have been better if there was more background story incorporated into the script. I mean, if I was serious in trying to understand the film’s universe, I’d have read the book first before watching the movie. More’s the pity.

Don’t get me wrong though. The movie has its good moments. The action sequence in the end was sufficient.

What I also didn’t like about the movie is that it reminded me of Twilight. I don’t know why but maybe because the characters are teenagers and the setting is in some isolated town. Oh well.

Still, I’ve given it a passing grade because that’s just it. It passed. Period. (Did I mention that I didn’t say it passed with flying colors?) So would I actually recommend it? Sure, go watch the movie. It’s entertaining enough. Just don’t expect too much out of it, okay? Enjoy it and just let it be.

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