Well, it was certainly not the Rapunzel story I was expecting. But from the first time that a character broke out singing… I had goosebumps. Maybe I wasn’t expecting Disney to go back to their roots. The movie is refreshing, it’s different, and it’s funny. It’s something to watch when you want your stress to go away – quickly.

I didn’t know the character voices when I watched it but I think Mandy Moore and Zackary Levi fit them really well. Do animators or animation studios think about the voice actor’s personality and acting style when they create the characters? =)

I watched it in 3D; usually, I just like to watch the normal version because in the experience of enjoying a movie and laughing, I actually sometimes forget to gawk at the 3D effects. Still, in this one movie at least, I did bother to make sure I was consciously aware of the effects (maybe it was because I was forced to watch it in 3D that’s why) and all I can say is, not bad. Not bad at all.

And would you believe it, there are a lot of positive reviews about it. Even Rotten Tomatoes gave a positive review. LOL! So what’s my verdict? Yeah, I enjoyed it.  Thumbs up, Disney!


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