I’m bored and got nothing really good and interesting to blog about today. So I thought, why not recount a typical day in the office? And then while I was thinking about what my typical day is, I got to thinking why not also post another blog about my typical weekend? Hahaha! Yey for boredom!

So here goes nothing…

My day usually starts with me arriving at around 10:30 in the morning (yeah I know that’s kinda late). If it’s a Monday, after starting my PC, I usually go to the pantry to get hot chocolate (it’s been a month since I drank coffee – hooray!) or wash my mug first before getting the hot choco. By the time I’m back, the PC’s usually ready for me to log in. As I wait for the PC to load up my account settings, I use the time to think of the previous day (or week) and try to remember if there are any action items that I need to finish today (or this week).

Once the machine’s ready to go, I open Microsoft Outlook and start reading e-mails. On a typical day, I usually get an average of 15 e-mails. Some are directly work-related, while some are office-related, and the rest are a mixture of miscellaneous e-mails and personal ones. I spend about 15 minutes each day reading through all of these. The ones that need my reply or requires any action, I mark as unread and leave them on the Inbox. The rest, I put them in their individual folders – since I’m so stuck up in organization, even my Outlook has folders for colleagues and officemates. LOL!

Depending on those action items, I could just be letting those e-mails hang out in my Inbox while I go about normal work. However, since it’s not update season anymore, I usually go ahead and identify which of those e-mails and action items warrant my priority. And so the day goes on.

I guess one that I should mention is that before starting work, I usually check my Facebook for any updates with my friends. Yeah, I know. Checking Facebook in the office. It’s so common here. =p

Since I arrive late, I also have a late lunch – usually at around 1:00 in the afternoon. After lunch, I have my usually oxygen break at the building lobby and go back to work. When I get tired, I usually view some YouTube videos. I watch Starcraft 2 replays a lot.

My day usually ends at around 8:00 in the evening. Sometimes, it can go as late as 10:00 even.

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