A Nice Change

For once, I saw the Philippines featured in CNN and it wasn’t because of some tragedy or scandal but something good.

Today, while watching CNN’s World Report, the Philippines was featured to be using garbage as source of energy. The Payatas dumpsite – average 1700 tons delivered everyday – is now utilizing methane from garbage.

Pangea Green Energy Philippines is the leading partner in this project.

A little background on the project:

It’s all systems go for the Payatas biogas project, a five-year-old Quezon City government project designed to use the dump site’s harmful gas discharges to generate electricity.

The scheduled groundbreaking of the P200-million project is on July 10, which is the seventh anniversary of the trash slide in Payatas.

The Biogas Emission Reduction Project is private-public partnership clean energy project that involves the extraction, collection, processing and conversion of biogas to electricity from the 22-hectare Payatas disposal facility. Biogas is considered a greenhouse gas (GHG), and is mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide. It is abundant in dump sites because it is produced during the fermentation of organic matter, like biodegradable wastes.

The project is expected to reduce 1.2 million tons of equivalent GHG emissions in 10 years of operations. (http://www.gmanews.tv/story/49462)

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