April Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Frankly, I think I’m on a three-week writer’s block. I’m trying to force myself to be creative in this post but I don’t think I’ll be able to succeed that much.

So, updates for the month of April.

Let’s see… On the second week of the month, our team grew by another five new hires which took our number from 16 to 21. Wow! That’s 100% growth in terms of numbers. I’m now leading a group of four new hires (temps) with two senior members. Our group handles everything related to Armaments – firearms, landmines, weapons, etc. – plus nuclear power. It’s been a very, very busy three weeks.

I admit I was kind of taken aback by the announcement. Everyone, including myself, was expecting someone else to lead this group. I had to scramble and pull myself together or I would have been crushed. Hehe.

But all the hard work has paid off.. On April 20, I finally got to trek up to Mt. Pinatubo. Finally! After always missing the trip planned by friends (because I’ve already had something going on for those dates), I get to see the famous Mt. Pinatubo crater itself.

And then just last weekend, I finally conquered my triggering claustrophobia and did Intro Diving for the first time. Wohoo! I got some pics in my scuba gear but they’re not uploaded yet. I’ll make sure to post some pictures here once I get them from friends.

This weekend, I’m off to Bora! Yes! 5 days of relaxation!

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