2010 = Year of Change and Opportunity

So I started out this year not knowing what it had install for me…

As the days go by, turning into weeks, then into months, the path leading to my future becomes a little less murky. I can’t elaborate enough that despite having clearer and clearer vision of what the immediate future holds for me, it’s still – sad to say – biased towards my studies and career.

As a person, I’m still in limbo. Financially, I’m secure – or should I say – I’m still afloat and I know better than to just use up all my extra finances for nonsense stuff. I’ve been procrastinating transferring my extra budget over to my personal savings (from my payroll account) because I have to apply for an online account from our payroll bank, which would take a few banking days to complete. I should have taken the time last year to do this so it would have been easier for me to save. Now it’s too late. Our company’s about to change payroll banks and there’s really no point in having to go through all the paperwork in order to open an online account.

I guess the real reason why I’m delaying the transfer is because I’m afraid to carry a lot of cash with me for fear of 1) losing it due to my clumsiness (and ever-present forgetfulness), and 2) getting robbed. I know, I know… the Sun would be up, bright and shiny when I make a withdrawal from my ATM… Hmm… Why don’t I carry a nondescript envelope then?

Ah, no! That’s gonna make it more conspicuous.

I guess I’ll just have to suck it up and just be real careful.

There’s an alternative though. I can use up all that money to pay some debt! Yeah! LOL! That sure would take care of minor financial concerns. Hehe.

Oh well, I’ll have to wing it in the next few days.

Speaking of careers. The news in Wallstreet today should be about the planned acquisition of RiskMetrics by MSCI. *sigh* Another company acquiring the company I work for. The good news about it is that it would make the whole company even bigger and, no doubt about it, the uncontested leader of risk management and investment tools, plus governance and sustainability products. Another good thing is that, as far as I know, MSCI doesn’t offer any sustainability products or services. Which would mean that the group that I belong to is relatively safe from any retrenchment risks. I can’t say for the higher ups who are usually the more vulnerable whenever mergers and acquisitions occur. I hope there won’t be drastic changes in the management structure. We’re not even finished with adjusting to KLD’s presence in our ranks. Whew!

As for my studies… well, I’m on my cramming mentality again. I keep putting off choosing the topic for my International Economics term paper. It’s just supposed to be five pages, God damn it! How hard can it be to choose out of three topics – two are typical subjects but the third choice allows us to choose even further among three books and do a book review about it.

I should get my lazy ass off the couch and start doing something if I wanna keep up my good performance this semester. My office performance is so-so. Can’t really say I’m soaring. Let’s just say there’s good things going on and not so good things – not really bad, per se – just something that I know I can figure something out to turn in to one of the good things.

Oops… I’m babbling again… Hehehe.. But, hey look! I got a couple of paragraphs from just my ramblings. LOL!

Okay, don’t ask my why I posted the picture of baby white tiger, alright!? I just typed “opportunity” in Google Image and that’s one of the images that popped out. Of course I know how to use Google, dumbass! I’m a research analyst and I’ve been one for more than three years so I do know what I’m doing, thank you very much!!



I think I’m having a psychotic episode now! LOL!

Is this the result to too many changes this early in 2010? I hope not!

Anyway, I think the baby tiger is cute. Just look at it! It’s soooooo cute!! Maybe I could adopt it?

But the point the picture is trying to convey, I think, is white tigers are rare (they are also mutated forms of the normal tiger) and even though they are rare and technically mutants, there is an opportunity for us to take care and nurture it. Hah! Look at that! I made some dramatic argument! Teehee!

On to changes and opportunities. The acquisition is a “fluke” and, except for the usual management structural changes, it’s gonna be business as usual for me (and for most of my colleagues, I would say).

Okay, enough pointless ranting! I’ll end this post with something optimistic: I know I have a lot of opportunities this year. What they may be isn’t exactly one hundred percent clear. I do know that I have the chance to grow and develop my skills, my person, and most of all my relationship with all the people around me.

There! Hope that puts me in a good mood for the rest of the week!


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