Warp Speed?!?

I can’t believe that February’s about to end. Arguably, it’s the shortest month of the year, but whatever happened to January which has 31 days?

It was like “Yay! 2010!” And now there are roughly 10 months left already?! Wow! I know it’s cliché but I have to say it: time flies!! I can’t exactly say that “time flies when you’re having fun” because these two months have not been all fun and games. I’d like to think so but there were numerous sleepless nights and some days that were just plain stressful even though I got to sleep at night.

One thing I can and will prematurely conclude though, 2010 is gonna be a year of change. Yesiree! 2009 had changes but it’s nothing compared to what I expect 2010 is gonna be.

I dread change sometimes. Especially if those changes take me out of my comfort zone, or they disrupt my “daily” routine, or some other things that shakes and rattle my existence. Hehe.

Some changes are good though and those types of change make me look forward to them. The problem is sometimes you never really which of the changes happening in your life is gonna be good for you and which ones you have to prepare so the whiplash won’t be so bad. Admittedly, it’s really hard to decipher the difference most of the time. Even for someone like me who always sees the light at the end of the tunnel (so theoretically all changes are for the good), sometimes it can be tiring to weather them.

So what are some of the changes that I’ve noticed so far? Well, perhaps the most obvious: I always make a list of items as New Year’s resolution. This year, I didn’t even think hard about it. Maybe it’s the frustration that some of those resolutions don’t get accomplished but maybe it’s more like I want to play it by ear this year. Be really spontaneous. I know that’s not how my personality works but who knows!? Maybe it’s gonna be a year, not just of changes, but of accomplishments!

For the other changes? Hmm… How about contributing to your office’s leave tracking system? And something similar to it, helping out with your team’s operational reports?

Anyway, I hope to be able to survive this year. And not just survive but come out better off. I’m starting to really think like an economist. Maybe it’s the weekly better off/worse off scenarios that I’m always hearing from my professor.

Speaking of which, my professor said a quote that’s really appropriate to recount right now: “Why use a shotgun when you can use a rifle?” This is in relation to the cliché “shotgun approach” where people hope to be able to hit the target at the cost of creating a huge mess. Well, I hope to be able to use this technique. I’m not one for creating messes, either for myself or for others. I’d rather be more thorough and accurate. Besides, in Counterstrike and other FPS games, I always found it more fun to use rifles, especially with targeting scopes.


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