The Five S Program: Seiri / Sorting

Seiri or sorting is the first step in the program. Basically, it is about arranging your workstation so that everything essential in daily work is within easy access/reach.

Phase 1 – Seiri (整理) Sorting: Going through all the tools, materials, etc., in the plant and work area and keeping only essential items. Everything else is stored or discarded.

Sorting involves a short decision making when beginning this step. You have to decide which things/tools in your workstation are essential and meant for daily use, which are meant for weekly use, for monthly use, and so on and so forth. Those that are only occasionally used should be stored nearby and for easy referenced. Obviously, tools, equipment, and references that are more often used should be handy.

A very simple (and maybe silly) example is your notebook. For very obvious reasons, you’d want it within arm’s reach, of course. Other office supplies, such as pens, notepads, reference books or guides, staplers, and staple wires may also come in handy if they’re within reach.

As a result of the sorting process you will eliminate (or repair) broken equipment and tools. Obsolete fixtures, molds, jigs, scrap material, waste and other unused items and materials are disposed of.

The objective of this step is to clean up the work area. Cleaning up not only makes things look nice, it makes it easier to spot maintenance needs such as an oil leak. It improves safety. It eliminates clutter and confusion. It removes tools, equipment, supplies and waste that interferes with getting the job done.

So, there you go. It’s time to sort through your workstation. Especially, as we are just beginning the new year!


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