Blind to Reality

Didn’t I already post about this before? I knew the world was unfair and not balanced. So why am I ranting about it again? Maybe it’s because I see now that maybe I was really naïve, and I saw that I was being manipulated (by my own stupidity and by other people’s intentions or subliminal intentions). *sigh*

Why should I be honorable when the whole world does not respect the damn principle? You expect people to share some things with you because you shared things with them. *Sigh* Sadly, that’s now how the real world works. Do I even bother pursuing it? Remind people that I uphold my end of the bargain almost all the time? For that matter, why do I even care?

I’ve seen it in everyone, even myself. But to be treated as an inferior really stinks. It just boils down to one thing… I was really naïve and stupid. How could I place my trust on people just so? Am I really that blind to reality?

We’ll see…

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