Tropical Storm “Ondoy” II

I have only yet realized that Ondoy (International Name: Ketsana) was just a tropical storm. How worst would it have been if it was actually a typhoon? Scary thought. I cannot fathom how it would have affected the country. I am thankful for all the efforts being put by everyone. Cooped up in our quaint apartment here, I keep refreshing my Facebook News Feed in order to get updates of what’s been happening; occasionally I turn on the TV and get live updates from the affected areas…

On Saturday night, our company activate the Crisis Team in order to mobilize our business continuity and contingency plan. Some of our colleagues have been affected by the massive flooding, a few have been severely hit, and others weathered the rains well – I am on of the latter. I’ve read so many so many updates on the Internet on how people can help and yet I feel helpless. Months ago, I got rid of all my unnecessary clothes for additional space. What rotten luck! I only scrounged up a few blankets and a couple of shirts. So I resolved to help in any way possible.

You can, too.

1. As soon as you’ve ascertained that your family and other loved ones are safe, it’s time to help others (you can even do both simultaneously).

2. If you have the same rotten luck as me and already gave away your old clothes and other stuff, then you can help coordinate by passing on confirmed messages from reliable and trusted sources.

3. You can help your company mobilize any disaster relief and emergency plans. “Screw” the work today. Lives are at stake. People need help.

4. You can donate. No matter how small it may be, it is still a donation.

5. You can volunteer.

One comment on “Tropical Storm “Ondoy” II

  1. `“Screw” the work today` – that is epic.

    But in light of what happened, it is really a sad thing. Surprisingly, even for a 3rd world country the Filipinos are very resilient. For a small nation that others seem to look down on, the people…many… have “big hearts.”

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