Tropical Storm “Ondoy”

This storm has got to be one of the worst in Philippine history.

Local Name: Ondoy
International Name: Ketsana

For those who want to provide donations of any kind, I got this link: Ondoy Donations Drop-off points.

Wow, we even made it to the front page of BBC and CNN News. I wish it was some other news that would put us in international news – wonderful news, that is.

From BBC: Philippines battles flood chaos.



That’s not even the worst. There are images circulating around the internet regarding “car soups” or “car washing machines” because that’s exactly how they look like.

It really is one of the worst. Surpassing that of Milenyo 3 years ago. Though in terms of infrastructure damage, Milenyo caused a lot because of the winds. Ondoy just brought the rains… lots of it… about an entire month’s average worth of rain.

I dread the coming weekend. Forecasts say there is another strom coming up. I just wish it’s not gonna be a strong as Ondoy.



Please do your part. Help. Donate. Re-post emergency hotlines:

Please repost: SEND FULL ADDRESS of those stranded to Sen. Dick Gordon 09178997898 or 0938444BOYS / Sen. Villar rescue text hotline: 09174226800, 09172414864, 09276751981 / Rubber boat requests 838-3203, 838-3354 / Rescue dumptrucks 0917-422-6800 or ……0927-675-1981 / Bagyong Ondoy 734-2118, 734-2120 / PAGASA 433-8526 / National Disaster Council 912-5668, 911-1406, 912-2665, 911-5061


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