What You Need To Know

I made a big mistake, and I’m so sorry about it. I hope you can forgive me because I truly didn’t know what came over me. I won’t even blame the alcohol or whatever stuff I might have ingested that time. No… because ultimately, those stuff just do one thing – they strip away our inhibitions. So forgive me if I insulted you, angered you, and made you uncomfortable.

I’m not after anything despicable despite the observations. That was never my intention. Dreamed of it in my dreams, maybe. But fully aware, rationale being that I am, that nothing “good” would ever come out of it (just more bad things). There are restrictions, as we both know (and knew).

So maybe I was a little bit friendlier than the norm… But I do want you to know… Deep inside my intentions are pure. Don’t pay attention to the urges that just sneak in and out like thieves in the night.

What I do want is real friendship – nothing more and nothing less.

I guess I never learned my lessons from last year. I am a fool…

P.S. This is how I’m feeling right now. I’m not really defending myself.


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