A Rising Obscurity

Can you end the week with flair?Moon_and_the_Sun_Together_in_the_Sk
Break out like a debonair?
Or perhaps, the mists you’ll wear,
And vanish into the air?

Can you rise up to the sun?
And embrace all that is fun?
Or just disappear / be gone,
Once all the work has been done?

Can you finish all in style?
Just break dancing all the while?
Or shuffle along the aisle,
Slip off to a dreary isle?

Can you overcome darkness?
Rise above the gloominess?
Or stay dismal and cheerless,
Live the life of the lifeless?

090723-ARUBA001-002-webCan you finish with a grin?
Even without drinking gin?
Get amusement with no sin,
Just making the loudest din?

Can you rise to the stars?
Past that rusty aged Mars?
And forget about the hours,
Of sadness and murky mires

Can you end the week with flair?
Stride like a suave debonair?
Float above all that you care,
And soar high into the air?


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