It begins…

Borrowing the title from one of the more popular forumers at what was once my favorite forum – The Wheel of Time Book Forum – I cannot wait to lay my hands on this book.

First review about the new WoT book – The Gathering Storm.

If you will permit me (and I hope the author will pardon me) to quote a few of the things he said:

“The Gathering Storm is, in my opinion, quite easily one of the most intense and exciting books in the entire Wheel of Time series. Yes, you read that right. I avoided writing this review right after I finished reading. Instead, I purposely waited some time to let the initial rush and enjoyment wear off. It certainly has cooled a great deal, but I can still say with grounded and sober confidence that the book is outstanding. I would rank it up there in the top 4 in the series along with The Shadow Rising, The Fires of Heaven, and The Great Hunt. Pacing-wise, I would agree with Brandon Sanderson’s statement that it’s similar to books 4-6 in the series.”

Did your interest in the WoT just got piqued again? I would hope so. Normally, I don’t rely on book reviews, only on book synopsis and summaries and use my own judgment in deciding whether to buy a book or not, or whether to classify a book as worthy to read or worth it’s value.

This time around, I will violate my own rule…. Why? Because I have been so thirsty for any news about the Wheel of Time series. These books are one of most engaging fictional stories I’ve ever read – and believe my, I’ve read a lot – with it’s finely crafted universe and characters.

“So now the other burning question: does this feel like a Robert Jordan novel? Does it have his “voice”? Well, truthfully, I thought the prose stayed very true to previous novels. But ultimately you’re going to be the judge on that. Brandon Sanderson has gone on record several times saying that he is not trying to mimic Robert Jordan’s voice. That doing so would just be parody. What he set out to do, and what I think he accomplished, was to tap into that font of story and events in the universe that previously had been experienced and documented by Robert Jordan. Rather than trying to make himself and his style like RJ, it seems like Brandon put himself into the heart of the saga and allowed himself to be its vessel and storyteller. The result is that this book is clearly and undeniably a novel which belongs in the WoT series.”

See what I mean? Now that my expectations have been set. I will make sure to follow the author’s advice.

See you at the book stores… the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, after all.


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