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Using gait analysis to find the perfect pair
By Marjorie Gorospe

MANILA, Philippines— A worn-out pair of sneakers can be considered a runner’s best friend. Hector Yuzon’s goal is to make that a more lasting relationship.

Yuzon owns Second Wind, a store that specializes in all things running located in Teachers Village in Quezon City. He introduced video gait analysis when he opened the store in March.

Already common in other countries, video gait analysis allows runners to identify certain factors in picking out the ideal pair of running shoes.

“Its advantage is you can actually see the foot in motion, assess the proper biomechanics and rate of pronation since running shoes are designed not only for comfort but also to address those kind of needs,” said Yuson.

A runner himself, Yuson understands the needs of other runners and tries to help them in their quest for the perfect pair. He also envisions Second Wind to become a converging point for people passionate about running.

It begins by making the customer run on a treadmill for less than a minute – barefoot and preferably in shorts (or pants folded up past the knees). Why? Because the entire portion of the knee to the heel will be captured on video while running.

“From there, we playback the video and assess their foot pronation,” said Yuson.

Pronation is the movement of the subtalar joint between the talus and calcaneus, anatomically speaking. Overpronation, Yuson pointed out, poses risks of injury for runners.

“With a static assessment, some will just recommend them to use a stability shoe but with gait analysis, we can assess if it’s just a mild overpronation and further prescribe which shoe suits best,” said Yuson.

Running shoes also come in different categories. Lightweight shoes are ideal for people a five-minute phase per kilometer.

‘Stability’ shoes are often suggested for overpronators, although depending on the level of pronation. Cushioning is recommended for beginners who aim for comfort while improving mileage.

“Runners always set a goal in every race that is why runners need shoes that will give them optimal performance, not distract their focus,” Yuson said.


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