Another Round of Text Messages


Sex by profession:

Lawyers do it without objections.

DJs do it by request.

Musicians do it with instruments.

Theater actors do it with encore.

Dentists do it orally.

MedReps do it with samples.

Nurses do it by rounds.

Accountants do it without losing their balance.

Call center employees do it inbound, outbound, local and international with excellent customer service 24/7 with matching “Have I satisifed all your needs today?”


Top 5 reasons kung bakit minsan mas masaya maging single (why it’s sometimes fun to be single):

5. You can date anyone.

4. You have more quality time for your family and friends.

3. You can prioritize your job/studies.

2. You’re not paranoid over your cellphone.

1. Hindi ka pressured na dapat laging maganda ang underwear mo (You’re not pressured to always have good underwear).



Itay: Anak,  painumin mo na ang kalabaw.

Anak: Opo, Itay.

Anak: ‘Tay, ayaw po uminom.

Itay: Saan mo ba nilagay ‘yung tubig?

Anak: Sa baso po.

Itay: Dapat nilagyan mo pa ng straw, para sulit ang katangahan mo, hayop ka!



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