New Office, wohoo!

We just moved to our new office. It’s cold! That’s my first impression. But it’s also my fault because I forgot to bring a jacket or coat. Stupid me!

Anyways, enough about first impressions. The new office space is big and spacious. No more cramped 2 by 4 feet desks (it was just temporary until we could move, honest)! And since we are one for the first teams to move, I feel that we were much privileged. The move wasn’t that traumatic. LOL! Just kidding. Our team volunteered to help IT to set up with PCs once they were transferred by the contractors. It wasn’t all that hard, but tying all those wires to make it look clean was indeed a bitch! Setting up PCs only takes less than ten minutes but if you get a bite of OC-ness (obsessive-compulsivness, hehe), it can take up to twenty minutes. Haha!

Back to the new office… It’s nice, large,  very modern and also got some nice amenities. It’s just really cold! Hahaha…

I’ll post some pictures when they’re downloaded from my phone. =)


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