Absolute Power

Yeah right… I had a really hard time killing off the bugger. I died instantly the first time because I wasn’t able to properly follow the guide that I’d read over and over just to get an easy kill…

But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

The target of my hunt was the Tigrex!

Absolute Power

Absolute Power

Yep. Scary beast! Damn monster gave me a hard time but surprisingly – and maybe thanks to the fact that I’ve hunted this monster with some friends – I only tried twice! Hehehe. After accidentally killing Basarios with explosive rocks – yeah, take that rock face! – I knew the urgent quest would be popping up right away. I’d stock on Flashbugs to make my flash bombs, herbs, blue mushrooms and honeys for potions, traps and tranq bombs… and I intentionally delayed getting the quest. I had Tigrex armor on as well as mined myself to death over at the volcanic belt so I could craft my precious – Fire Dragonsword – woohoo! Oh yeah, I was prepared. Or so I thought! I died within like 5 minutes the first time!


So I reloaded the game – without having wasted any of my items – yep, I “cheated”. Hehe… Got the beast the second time around. I also committed a major hunter mistake. I planted the trap incorrectly so f*ckface didn’t get trapped right away and I had to wake his ugly ass. Luckily, he charged right at me and got caught – sweet dreams Tigrex – LOL!

In case you’ve been wondering what the hell I’ve been talking about, it’s the PSP game, duh! Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

a.k.a MHF2

a.k.a MHF2

So… enough blogging… time to hunt more ugly beasties!

This is “Tigger” from the intro video… yep… he’s ugly but he’s mean.

Tigrex (Video Capture)

Tigrex (Video Capture)


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