Happy New Year of the Ox

Kung Hei Fat Choi and a very prosperous one, too. Enjoy the celebrations! Today at 3:46 PM, the Year of the Earth Ox begins!

And here’s my horoscope for this year, according to traditional zodiac signs:

“The 2009 horoscope of Capricorns in the 2009 year of the Ox will be conducive to the growth of your material wealth. During 2009 year, Capricorn can see new prospects that will help you increase your earnings. Capricorn horoscope 2009 tells us that luck will be on your side, and many of your projects will be successful and profitable. All other things being equal, you will be able to profitably conduct those affairs that can bring losses to others. It is also important during the 2009 year to trust your intuition and inner voice in any financial matters. Capricorns will have the same flair on money, but it will be unconscious and so the directions of the inner voice will often be very much correct.

During 2009 year of the Bull, however, avoid the thirst for acquisitiveness, greediness and stinginess. In accordance to your 2009 horoscope, in case you notice that your earnings have begun to rise noticeably, spend some money to charity or to your own spiritual development. This will make your earnings to grow even stronger. However, greediness and faint-heartedness for Capricorns this 2009 year, on the contrary, may increase your loss and all you earned may be easily lost due to your own stinginess.

The position of the planets during 2009 year of the Ox in your personal 2009 horoscope will be favourable for the continuation of education or for the beginning of new long-term training courses. This 2009 year you will relate to a new knowledge very seriously, master them very well, and can find one of them a worthy practical application. In doing so, Capricorns will take nothing for granted and will check everything on your own experience. This reduces the chance this 2009 year of obtaining unnecessary information. The 2009 year will also be successful for a consecutive scientific activity and for research. This means that you should not rush to conclusions, be consecutive, careful and even a little pedantic in your experiments – this is a guarantee of your success this 2009 year of the Ox.”  Source: http://www.gotohoroscope.com/2009/capricorn.html

Wow! positive for educational growth and so on. LOL! I guess, I’ll just have to continue on with my studies… Not that I was planning to quit… It can get tiring sometimes.


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