Back to Reality

Yep. It’s back to reality for me. Back to work and back to the urban jungle that is Manila. I do miss this chaotic city. Even in my peaceful homecity down south, I missed the noise and pollution (gasp!) of Manila. LOL!

But it’s not just the metropolis that I miss, I also miss my friends and co-workers, and to some extent, my work. Hehe. Even though I brought some work for the holidays, I still miss dealing with all this international companies with all their social and environmental issues.

It’s usually my tradition to come up with some New Year’s resolution but since I usually aren’t able to do all of them (I have a 50% success rate), this year, I will just make up resolutions as they present themselves.

So with that innovative approact to the new year, I sign off for now and wish everyone again… a happy and prosperous new year.

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