It’s hard to be hard on yourself. Not that I’m deliberately doing that. But the past few days (and weeks) I’ve been doing a much needed evaluation of my life in general. I’m not getting any younger and though not yet 30, I feel that I should do something about my life. So far it’s just been fun and games for me but lately, I’ve been thinking that perhaps I could add more to it – like make money whil having fun, do something meaningful while playing my games, etc. – things like that.

Anyways, today I decided that I should take a break from my usual climate change research and try to start with our 360 feedback – an HR initiative that is done twice a year. One of the reasons I started this blog by saying it’s hard to be hard on yourself is because part of this evaluation is to review your own performance for the past half year.

I actually started my self-evaluation last week but then, stopped because I thought I wasn’t ready. Today, when I got in, I decided on the spur-of-the-moment, that I’d be doing the evaluations instead of doing my normal work. 3 hours later, I’m now stuck on what to say. I don’t want to sound repetitive to my colleagues (though they wouldn’t know because the feedback is compiled and the comments are anonymous) so I can’t move forward. At least, I’ve finished the “quantitative” part of the task and while I’ve done with most of the “qualitative” aspects, I feel that it’s still not enough – here’s to my obsessive-compulsive syndrome kicking in.

Weird image but it fit the subject matter perfectly. 😀

Going forward, I think I’ve had enough of self-evaluation (and evaluation, in general) today. Time to go back to my real work.



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