Random Ramblings

Can one really do it? I mean, if you have a graduate degree in Economics (MA, MS or PhD), will you really be able to apply it to your life?

At times, the subject matters often provides clear explanations why it happened… at other times, the “why” and “how” just eludes me. I understand the math part. I mean, a lot of subjects that deal with numbers almost always needs math (and this is not your basic algebra!). Hehehe…

Anyways, midterms are over (first two weeks of August) and I’m proud to say that I did well in the first exam but I am a little disappointed with myself that I may not have done good for the second subject. Oh, well, there’s stil the finals.

On to more important things… I’ve been getting lazy at the office lately, particularly this week. Maybe it’s the fact that I was attending a business writing workshop for four hours daily since Monday. I was supposed to work on a company today – the usual fact-checking of data and information – but I got lazy and decided to just relax. Hehehe…


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