It’s the weekend again

After a pain-filled two weeks I find myself relaxing this week. I just realized that after being subjected to the stress of school life once again (as seen by grueling midterms last week and just last Tuesday), work is pure relaxation. LOL! And now I find myself staring at the weekend once more! Wow! Time does fly when you’re busy or enjoying yourself. Oh well… Did I mention that it’s also August already? Wow! I mean, wow! It’s gonna be the “ber” months soon and then Christmas, New Year and… What do you know? It’s 2009 already?

Must be the age getting to me. =)

Anyways, I’m supposed to go to a former officemate’s party tonight. The problem is none of my current officemates seem to certain that they’re going. So I don’t know if I’ll push through. How am I suppose to go there by my lonesome? I barely remember the way. Hehe… Also, I don’t know anyone there. Huhuhu…

Ah well, it’s a shame not to go…


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