Ilocos Adventure

Finally got enough time to update this blog.

Well, I’m finally back from our Ilocos trip. It was raining on and off there all the time but the trip was still fun. I’m just gonna be posting pictures here of the places we’ve been to (feeling totally lazy to write more here).

This is a a view from the veranda of Kapuluan Vista Resort’s entrance way. Our team called it “Booblandia”. Yes, you can obviously see why we named them thus. Haha!

This is the main living quarters. Each of those four rooms extend to the front of the building so the rooms are quite spacious.! And the view of the rooms? Why, of course: The pool is really nice. Small but enough for the guests. Besides, you’re not really there for the pool, right? Exactly.

Moving on, there are more pictures about the resort but I still have a long way to go. Starting from now on, I’ll just be posting pictures with captions.

Just so you know, these are the places we visited in Ilocos: Bangui – Windmills, lunch somewhere on the road to Laoag, Fort Bojeador Lighthouse, Paoay Lake and Paoay Church, Vigan and the Marcos Mausoleum.

Plus lots and lots of stopovers for washroom break and for food.

We stayed at Villa Angela’s in Vigan. It’s a very old house – 135 years old – and it’s been in business for a long time. In fact, a lot of celebrities have stayed there including Tom Cruise when he

was shooting scenes in the Sand Dunes for the movie, “Born on the Fourth of July”. Okay, I’m gonna stop rumbling now


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